Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

1. Inclusion of chapter on Organ Transplantation from 6th standard onward with increasing scientific contact up to 12th.
a. HRD Minister & Ministry in loop and negotiation are going on to include syllabus/chapter on organ transplantation.
b. NCERT/CBSE Directors are in loop and are being negotiated.

2. Driving License.
Opt-out option in accordance with various Western & European countries is in pipeline for pledging there organs. Relevant Ministry has been approached for the same including RTO and negotiation are going on.

  3. Organathon Marathon in Gurgaon after due permission from the authority in the month of Feb/March 2017.

  4. Organ Transplantation - QUO-VADIS International Conference in the 1st quarter of the 2017.

Scientific Programme
(Two days Conference)

A. INAUGRATION 1. Xenotransplantation—Debate
B. GUEST OF HONOR SPEECH 2. Current Perspective
  A. Landmark publications during past 5 years that have significant impact on Surgical Policy of Organ Transplant & its outcome, Immunosupprerssant etc .
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Heart
  • Pancreas
  • Small Intestine
  • Lung
  • Uterus
  • C. CHAIRMAN OF FOUNDATION SPEECH B. Donor-Recipient matching- How much & How little( Organ Wise )
    D. SESSION-1( Police )
  • Sensitization / training of Police—How much,how offen& by what means ?
  • Protocol / SOP for above
  • Speech by CP/ DCP
  • C. Pancreas Transplant Vs. Artificial Pancreas – Can we put the needles away ?
    E. SESSION-2 ( HRD )
  • Inclusion of Syllabus / Chapter on Organ Transplantation
  • Lecture by VC, Delhi University
  • Lecture by HRD Representative
  • D. Small Bowel transplant—Current status &Where we are obstructed ?
    F. SESSION-3
  • Harvested Organ transported by :-
  • Green Corridor—Police Perspective
  • By Drones—DRDO / IIT Speaker
  • Concluding Remarks ? Speaker
  • E. Stem Cell-Current perspective & future role
    G. SESSION-4
  • Student Perspective—Principal DPS/AMINITY/ANY ?
  • Student Perspective—By a Student
  • F. Stem Cell Organ Cloning- Pros & Cons / Could we? Should we?
    H . SESSION-5
  • RTA / Brain related death Vs. Overall Incidence—SOPs - whom to target ?
  • Nearest place to Harvest Organ-SOP & Ministry approval By Which team ( OF team Vs. Nearest Hospital team ) & where to transport as per Central Registry.
  • G. Cloning Human Organs for Transplant.
    1.Social Advantages
    2.Social Disadvantages
    H. Stem Cell to Organ factory- Fact OR Fiction.
    I. Whole Body Transplant -Fiction, Evolution or Revolution (Click to see gallery)
    J. Free paper Session
    K. Free poster Session
    L. Meet your Professors
    M. "Transplant Society Of India" - Including not only Medical team but also technicians,coordinators , staff nurses etc.

      5. Satellite Organ retrieval control center (more than 50 bedded hospital) in Gurgaon and NCR are being identified for the ready retrieval of the organ from the brain death patient by the retrieval team. Negotiation and identification are in process.

      6. Obesity has been declared by the World Organization as a TSUNAMI, nearby 70% to 80% of the school going children of the public schools are morbid obese. This leads to deposition of fat in the lever (NASH). This deposition ranges from grade I to IV and eventually lead to Cirrhosis of the liver requiring transplant in the advance stage of NASH. Organathon Foundation has taken this as a challenge and targeted around 25 schools in the region and their Teachers/Principal are being accordingly negotiated/educated and logistic support has been dully provided to them.

      7. Incentives

    • Public salutations & awards to the deceased persons who donated their organs (posthumously).
    • Family of Organ Donor shall be given priority in the waiting list, should they ever need organ transplantation in the future.
    • We should undertake measures to reduce the incidence of organ failures (Multidisciplinary) approach (Health & Social aspect). At the same time to ensure that no such patient dies for want of an organ. Specially to target childhood obesity (NASH) - A preventive aspect.

      8. Suggestions

    • Develop a culture of Pledging Organs for donations.
    • Structured education in school & college students about organ transplantation and pledging of organs. A chapter on organ transplantation should be included in the text books at different levels.
    • Non Organ Transplant Retrieval Centers (NOTRC): Any hospital with > 50 beds and a working OT & an ICU should be declared NOTRC-OF Suggestion & for implementation -- Protocol & SOPs will be developed.
    • Brain death declaration to be done as per protocol. Retrieval of organs may be done by the local team or by the team from the transplant Hospital. Transplant coordinators and grief counsellors should professionally handle the situation.
    • In MLC cases, the police needs to be sensitized to speed up the inquest proceedings, once the family has agreed for organ donation. Police should also facilitate the post mortem (may be performed in the same hospital where death has occurred) & handover of the body respectfully.
    • While transferring a body from one State to another for the performance of last rites, NOC is required from the hospital & the police. This may be issued promptly.
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