Our Mission

The mission of Organathon Foundation is to ensure enrolment of all eligible persons to pledge their organs so that no end stage organ failure patient dies for want of an organ. This is to be done through innovative & effective public education campaigns, in different districts. The of will also sensitize the care givers of hospitals which encounter 'brain dead' patients, so that they explore the possibility of organ donation, in relevant cases. It also strives to put in place a central registry of organ donors and waiting recipients and to promote cadaver organ donation program, to reduce the demand supply gap in saving lives of end stage organ failure patients.

We wish that no patient of end stage organ failure should die for want of an organ.

Our Vision

No end stage organ failure patient should die for want of an organ for transplant. Through a systematic & dedicated networking, registry, training and counseling, donor card becomes a ‘gift of life’ card, with all eligible persons. Our endeavor will be to do mass campaigns for making the general public aware of the transplantation programs, need for cadaver organ harvesting, satisfaction with giving a ‘gift of life’ without any harm to the brain dead patient. Periodic sessions will be held in schools, colleges, Institutions, Corporate houses etc, following a due process. There is a huge vacuum in North India about cadaver related organ transplantation.In the first year, we wish to enroll 5 % of youth in North India, to have donor smart card in their pockets. Focus to be in North India initially, then across the country and finally at a global level.

Objectives of Organathon Foundation

This organization has been set up to revolutionize cadaver organ donation in India, by educating the public, through various means and issuing the ‘organ donation card’ to all persons willing to pledge their organs. A vibrant & active registry of such donors along with a proactive networking with the hospitals with appropriate recipients will ensure timely reach out of the organs to the maximum number of needy patients. This organization will also have a trained force of coordinators & counselors who will keep track of potential donors among the brain dead patients in the hospitals, through the central registry. A sensitization of the doctors, paramedical staff and the hospital management will also be done to ensure a smooth compliance with the standard protocols. This start up project will also provide employment to a large number of coordinators and other support staff. As per need, sub centers of OF will be started in different regions for better coordination.

The broad objectives are :

  • Public awareness & education about organ donation in general and cadaver organ donation in particular. People often harbor myths & misconceptions about issues they are not fully aware of. The OF will conduct formal & informal, structured & semi-structured public awareness programs, on a regular basis. The emphasis will be on students (of senior schools, colleges, professional institutes), corporate employees, professional bodies, trade unions, RWAs and other social groups
  • Networking. A dynamic networking with Medical Professionals, paramedical care givers, hospital administrators and the Government departments. The liasoning with hospitals & doctors would be done to sensitize them and to train them on the guidelines, SOPs and regulatory compliances related to organ transplantations.
  • Training of transplant coordinators. They need to be trained not only on the guidelines & SOPs but also on soft skills while dealing with the families of potential organ donors esp. the brain dead patients. Their task is very challenging, while speaking to the grieving families of potential organ donors to encourage them to provide a 'gift of life' to many others. They will be trained to train others (paramedical workers, patients and their families). At a later date, formal, accredited certificate & diploma courses for transplant coordinators.
  • Liasoning with the Government authorities and law makers to serve as a catalyst for amendments, if & when required, for augmenting organ donations. The OF would strive to be on the advisory board of "Cadaver Transplantation Coordination Committee of the National & State Governments.
  • Updating & Up-skilling of the doctors. The doctors esp. the critical care physicians and trauma physicians need to be sensitized, updated & up-skilled periodically. Over a period of time, certificate courses & Diplomas & Degrees in organ donation philosophy will be started
  • Promoted by reputed Surgeons
  • Systematic, focused & dedicated approach
  • Reputed stalwarts as Board of Trustees
  • High potential & vacuum of cadaver organ transplantation in North Zone of the country
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