About Us

The idea of Organathon Foundation was generated in the mind of Dr Ajay K Sachdev, who is a highly qualified (MS; PhD) Senior Surgical Gastroenterologist of repute. Though his main area of interest is Liver and Pancreas, he is concerned about the problems related to organ transplantation in general. During his vast clinical experience, he came across so many situations where one cadaver donation could have saved several lives, in one go. But there is lack of drive & commitment, among the healthcare workers & hospital Managements and a lack of awareness among the general public, about this issue.

Dr Ajay K. Sachdev then thought of doing something concrete in this direction. He then shared his thoughts with his colleagues, another Senior General Surgeon with a conscience.

Besides this, there is a large team of persons including Board of trustees, advisors, technical experts, coordinators, funding partners and support staff, working for the success of the dream project of Dr Ajay K. Sachdev. Copy of Resume of Dr Sachdev and Board of trustees & advisor are attached as Annexure A, B

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