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Welcome to Organathon

The broad objectives are:

This is a pro bono publico initiative and will be executed through Education, Health and Social work activities. Some of these activities planned are as under:


  1. Education & counseling of the general public through various innovative awareness programs / events to motivate them to pledge their organs
  2. Issue organ donor cards to those who pledge their organs so that they not only act as brand ambassadors for organ donation but also facilitate their family members to give consent for organ donation if & when they are in brain dead state
  3. Suggesting to the Governments at the Center & the States to incorporate a chapter on Organ Transplantation and Organ Donation in the text books at different levels, to inculcate the good thoughts at impressionable stage itself


  1. Different programs for preventive & promotive health of the public to prevent end stage organ failure
  2. Facilitate the processes of organ harvesting, organ transportation and organ transplantation, through communication & logistic support and financial support wherever required.
  3. Sensitization of the Doctors, Nurses & other care givers towards brain death protocols & other matters related to organ transplantation
  4. Training of grief counselors & transplant coordinators

Social Work

  1. Helping the persons to ‘live beyond their death’ by way of deceased organ donation
  2. Facilitating the process of pledging of organs, grief counseling & coordinating with the families of brain dead patients for organ donation and facilitating organ harvesting, transportation and transplantation in appropriate end stage organ failure patients.
  3. Financial & social help to poor & indigent organ donors / recipients, if & when required

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